How To Trim Natural Hair (My Major Trim)

Hi loves!

I had a major trim in September, where I cut off two Inches off my ends. My ends needed a major trim because of the dye job lol and also I wasn’t able to stick to my regimen (expecially for color treated hair). Had a lot of breakage, tangles, brittle ends, split ends (you know how terrible that feels??? Like a heartbreak 😄). (Phew)

If the ends are not trimmed, the damage can travel farther up the shaft, causing even more damage and stunted growth.  

After my trim it felt so gooood, no tangles like before, smooth while combing, no breakage no split ends. I must say it was relieving seriously. My hair felt new!! 

Please note that you only trim when needed, you dont have to cut off good hair. Listen to your hair, examine your ends for splits, then You decide what you want. You may not require a major trim like Me, you may just need to dust.

There are 4 ways to trim Natural hair, find out HERE

Before My Trim

– I deep conditioned with my favorite deep conditioner (Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor) 

– On damp hair, moisturized and sealed with shea butter. Then applied  black castor oil to my ends.

– Detangled gently and sectioned into 3.

  – Took out Little pieces, combed through and trimmed with a hair cutting shears I got from Olori. Then I twisted it up. Please ensure you use a Hair scissors. Not paper scissors or gardening shears 😜 

You can see the blue tint at the tip of my hair? thats where my color stops. I still plan on doing a 2nd big chop later this year to eliminate every atom of color. LOL

You can watch a short clip on my instagram page ( Ellpuggy )


The Lost soldiers.

After My Trim

Deep conditioned with the same product I used earlier to sooth any trauma caused from the trim ( Im sure there wasn’t lol). Reason why you need to use a hair cutting shears.

– Moisturized and sealed.

– Applied Cantu leave in conditioner Repair cream to My ends.

– Twisted. 

The next day I took it out, combed my hair, it felt so light and soft. I styled a Mickey Puff to work. 😄 

How Often Should You Trim?

Some people say every 4 – 8 weeks, while others suggest every 8 – 12 weeks. I suggest learning your hair to determine what works for you. Some people may need to trim their ends more often than others. In short the more you manipulate, blow dry, flat iron and dye your hair, the more it will need to be trimmed. I suggest checking your ends regularly and trimming as necessary. 😉

Stay Blessed! 



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8 responses to “How To Trim Natural Hair (My Major Trim)

  1. Wow…that’s a lot of hair..I never go that much…max is about an inch but that last pic is so cuuuuute!!!
    Coily Head of Hair


  2. aima

    mine is already going far, ill just have to get to the salon to do it cos i do not hv much free time. thanks for the tips ellen


  3. tomi

    i like your hair. but I don’t know were to get all those curly cream and perm rod. I base in lag but skull in akure


  4. Temilade

    I just cut my relaxed hair off, want to go natural, my hair is still a bit relaxed and colored at d tip but my natural hair is coming up beautifully, i never used to trim my hair, i know am supposed to but am so scared cos my hair is so short and it will take forever to grow back, my hair grows so slowly almost as if it doesn’t grow at all. I admire how fast ur hair grows! Any tip u can give me will b most useful!


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