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Hi loves, its FRIDAY yay and I have a new video on my YouTube channel yaaay!!! I was gifted these products and more from Shea Moisture Nigeria, (THANK YOU!). In this video I’ll be showing you how I used shea moisture products to curl my kinky hair and also tips on separating your curls to get perfect definition to your styles. “Thank me later lol” Continue reading!


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 Twist-Out On Type 4c Natural Hair with Shea Butter 

Hello All, been a while here. Im back with something I call the “Messy Twist-Out” cus its not too defined but beautiful. So if you don’t get your twist out soo defined dearie, dont be sad just style it and rock it cus its beautiful!!! 😘 



The Back “its windy lol”

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2 Ways to achieve The Major High Puff: Pretty, Quick and Easy. “Work Friendly” 

Hallo All, its been ages I knowww 😔 and im sorry for the long Break. Got work all over me 😒… Well im back with something 😄the Major Puff “A Go to Style” I had no idea how to style my hair and decided to puff it this way and it came out nicee, So im here to share 😉    

 I puff my hair most of the time but its always shrunken 😣, little and the beauty doesnt show as much. But this one ehnn was puffed out and stretched 😜. I Will show you the difference  between the Minor random puff and the “Major Puff”

Same Hair, Same Week. Minor puff vs Major Puff

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Textured Bun With Twisted Bangs

Hi curliesss, 

Hope you all are having a Fab day??!!! 
Today I’l be showing you guys a very Simple And Quick style. This style was inspired by a good friend of mine, Dumebi of growgrowinggrown a fellow 4c natural hair blogger with gorgeous styles 😍  (see her picture below)

 Girls Go Check Her Out @  Growgrowinggrown.blogspot.nl 

 She called it a “Textured Bun with Curly Front”… When I saw her picture, I fell in love with this style and had to recreate it. She got her bang/fringe curls from perm roding but mine is a twist-out.   

Textured Bun with curly Fringe/bangs

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Hello world!

imageThis is my first post 😁 and I’m super excited like seriously!!! I had this interest in blogging for quite some time now but just havnt really taken the time to sit down and put my thoughts and experiences into a pulish-worthy format.

Anyhoo! I decided to open this blog about natural hair (especially kinky hair type), showing you fellow kinky haired naturalistas how to love your natural texture and style it as kinky hair is still the most versatile amongst all hair types, YES! I said it, because its true! Lol. I think blogging is an interesting way to chronicles one’s viewpoint. Its a way to share whats important to you, your creative side, what you hope to become better at, and even your weaknesses.

I’m a Nigerian, been natural for 2 Years. My firsg Big Chop was in (December,2013) and Second Big Chop (March, 2016), I have 4C kinky hair and its beautiful, I love her(Ellie), you should also love yours and learn to be creative in styling, its Fun! 

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 Stay Blessed!



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